When you are treated like a nobody, thrown around like a piece of meat that you saw on the street which had been ran over by vehicle time and time again.

When you tried to reach out to people who should be there to care for you and respect you, they suddenly became your enemy, but it is hard to find someone when  you are in a strange place.

You felt like you have been buried alive with your hands and feet tied and it seems like  there is no way out, but you know within yourself that as the saying goes (where there is a will there’s a way).


They don’t know the practical part, they are just the readers of the story,they have never felt the pain, the hurt nor do they know much you had given up and the sacrifice it took.


I have found some  ways to overcome the struggles, I have watched some inspiring videos and  listened uplifting tapes of people who had gone through a  lot of struggles and setbacks in their lifetime, they will tell you how they do it and what method they use.  

Here’s a quote from Les Brown, if you’re falling try land on your back, because if you can look up you will get up.

What does it mean?

It took a lot to stay prayers, exercise,self control and discipline to stay focused. Drink a lot water control your eating. When life is coming at you and you get knocked down… make sure you can look up,so you will be able to get up.


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