Transforming Lives


Hi, my name is Patricia Walters and I am a proud grandmother and a friendly, outgoing person. I am passionate about connecting with others and learning about their interests, experiences, and cultures. My love for travel and discovery has taken me to many exciting destinations and has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and perspectives

Patricia is a woman of many talents and a true inspiration to many. She is a mother and grandmother, a digital entrepreneur, and has online marketing strategies. Her passion for empowering working women in their 50s whether it be mothers or grandmothers and transforming their lives has earned her a reputation in the industry.

Patricia's journey as a digital entrepreneur began in her 50s when she discovered the power of the internet to reach a wider audience and make a difference in the world. She learned through her passion for helping others and using her skills. 

 She understands the challenges and responsibilities of a caregiver and the effect it can have on one’s health, the long hours of work, and sleepless nights, that’s why she decides to become a beacon of light for working women and grandmothers in particular.

Patricia dramatically start changing her life in 2019 when she started building her business online from scratch, which led to her becoming online marketing strategies and helping others to discover their full potential and find their passion.