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Like an eagle you have two choices, to give up on life or go through the process of change to thrive in the next thirty years.

Hi! I’m Patricia Walters, I don’t want to bore you so I am going to give you a synopsis of my life. My guess is that you may not want to have any interest in my life story, but you should at least take a look.

Sometimes you may never know that you are not the only one who had gone through some kind of struggles in life and you may resonate with someone else’s story in their “about me” page. 

I was born in Jamaica a little town called Oracabessa, and grew up in the beautiful town of Ocho Rios.

Had my first child at age eighteen, drop out of high school.  What was I thinking?

I landed my very first job as a construction worker, and I did a few evening and online classes. Started two businesses of my own, which failed.

As a single mom spending fifteen hours per day away from my children wasn’t any fun, now they are all grown up, and I became a grandma still trading time for money, with many aches and pain from those jobs which still continue to  keep me away from my family.   

For the past few years I had been looking, but there wasn’t  much effort. I can’t forget it was Sunday, 10/21/2018 I was going to work in the pouring rain, I didn’t have a car, then. I was soaking  wet when I got to work, that’s when  begun to think really  hard, until one day I asked myself, what are you going to do, Are you going to continue living like this? With tears flowing doing my face. 


It was 10/25/2018 on my birthday found Joel Osteen which I took comfort in his sermon for my daily bread and Les Brown for motivation.

One morning as I was listening to the sermon this ad pop up, she introduced herself and I listened  to the end, heard a lot, but this one really resonated with me, something came alive on the inside, I was a bit skeptical at first and so I watch it over and over before decide to make any decision. After a week or so I asked myself what do I have to lose? I didn’t know the power of the internet until I said yes.

Like an eagle I have my eyes on the prey, There is a bright future in the online business for everyone who are willing to do the work. I am 18 months in this business and I am getting  stronger seeing great benefits.

Now I am going through the changes, it may be painful, Like the eagle who have to go through one hundred and fifty days of painful changes.

I am more aware and I am more fulfill than ever, I am a part of this great community, I received step by step training I have never been alone, whenever I asked a question there are always someone there to give an answer.

The most I could do at looking back at myself, is to look in the mirror. I have gained more confidence in myself since joining SFM and doing regular videos and if I do it, you can do it too.

While doing, taking action regular I shall share characteristics of an eagle like vision and the ability to see the reality. I have never afraid to take on challenges and people who knew me know that about me.

Because, my mission is to not only create my own thrive in life, it’s to build a community for people along the way who are making the same choice

I am proud to say that all those storms that I have been through only strengthen me to soar higher and I am more knowledgeable. Online business has given me the opportunity so I can travel the world, help others and leave a legacy for my grandchildren.


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